Thursday, December 12, 2019

Blake Shelton’s album release party is tonight & Jason Aldean’s on the Kelly Clarkson Show today

The album release party for Blake Shelton’s record out tomorrow is tonight on People magazine reports he and Gwen want to get married but she’s Catholic and would have to have her previous marriage annulled. That process can take a long time. They’ll be in PEOPLE magazine tomorrow.

Jason Aldean’s on the Kelly Clarkson Show today. We’ll see his new skinny self since he started eating healthier. Jason has a chef on the road so that makes it a lot easier. The biggest thing he did was cut out sugar and late night junk food after a show.

Actor Dylan McDermott was in ‘Steel Magnolia’s’ with Dolly Parton and his best memory was the way she smelled. Dolly always mixes about 7 perfumes and Dylan said every time he walked into room where Dolly was, he almost fainted because she smelled so good!

Finally - newlyweds Carly Pearce and Michael Ray are obsessed with the TV show, ‘This Is Us.’ They never miss it and they won’t even watch without the other being there.