Tuesday, May 7, 2019

luke combs has a pretty woman moment & wille nelson rescues horses from the slaughter house

When Luke Combs opened Jason Aldean’s show at Madison Square Garden one time, he decided to treat himself to a Rolex. His grandfather had also done the same when he had a certain level of success. When Luke asked for a very expensive and exclusive model, he could tell the clerk didn’t think he could afford it. So he said he wanted to wear it on stage that night when he opened for Jason at the Garden. After implying the store didn’t carry the model he wanted, she miraculously found one.

Willie Nelson now has 70 horses he rescued from being slaughtered for food. They roam his 700-acre place in Texas he calls ‘Luck Ranch’ and Willie says they’re probably the luckiest horses in the world. They also get hand-fed twice a day.

Maren Morris says her most recent TV binge is reruns of The Office. Maren’s also obsessed with the show Veep and when she and her husband are home, all they do is watch Netflix.

Finally - Chris Young will bring an important member of his family on tour with him this year, his German shepherd, Porter. The only time he won’t be along is if Chris flies somewhere.