Friday, March 22, 2019

Chris Stapleton thinks he’s finally ‘made it’ & Garth’s on Live with Kelly and Ryan today

Chris Stapleton thinks he’s finally ‘made it’ because Fender just issued an amplifier in his name. It’s their first country artist signature amp and Chris will donate all his royalties to he and his wife’s charity; Outlaw State of Kind.

Scotty McCreery says if you’re knocked down, get back up again. In the seventh grade he got cut from the baseball team. Scotty worked his tail off for a year then tried out again in the eighth grade. He ended up being their #1 pitcher and the team’s clean-up batter.  

As for having two young daughters, Thomas Rhett says, “there’s never a dull moment. Our house is chaotic 24/7 in all the best ways.”  

Garth’s on Live with Kelly and Ryan today. Easton Corbin will open for Garth tomorrow night. He said, “after my set and I’ll stand at the side of stage and soak in everything he does.

Finally - Carrie Underwood's Canadian husband Mike Fisher became an American citizen yesterday. He dressed in a suit for the big occasion and proudly held an American flag.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

scotty mccreery snores & Miranda Lambert just had a songwriting session

Tyler Hubbard's wife Hayley and their 1-year-old daughter recently took a flight and she tweeted, "Grumpy pants in front of us asked us to 'control our toddler's noise level' because she was happily talking and giggling on an afternoon flight. I just can't. I feel sorry for them."  

Scotty McCreery and his wife will be soon be married two years and she says he snores, she doesn't like it and he has bruises on his back from getting kicked in the middle of the night.  

Miranda Lambert just had a songwriting session with three hit female songwriters in Nashville and Miranda posted a photo of their writing essentials; fruit, crackers, veggies, cold cuts and cheese.  

Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Tishomingo is expanding. In December the city approved Blake’s lease of a nearby park for $100 a year to be used as outdoor seating for the restaurant.  

Finally - Dierks Bentley will headline a free outdoor concert April 27 in Nashville for the NFL Draft. The day after Tim McGraw's free show.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Kane Brown files a counter lawsuit & Carrie Underwood says bouncing back after having Jacob has been hard

Luke Bryan has finally revealed his crazy fashion secret; he winds duct tape with the sticky side out tightly around his leather cowboy boots then puts his pant leg over them. Luke says it keeps his jeans from flaring out or creeping up.

Carrie Underwood says bouncing back after having Jacob January 21 has been hard. She can’t run as fast or as far nor lift as much weight as she could a year ago. Carrie’s trying to appreciate what her body can do, not what it can’t. The Fisher’s also added a new family member, a black and white horse named Bojangles. I guess Mike’s wanted one ever since he was a kid.  

Kane Brown’s filed a counter lawsuit against the producer who sued him for breach of contract. Kane says he was fraudulently induced into signing a lopsided recording agreement that cost him millions and drastically limited his earning potential. Kane wants a dismissal of the lawsuit and he wants to be reimbursed for all proceeds and revenue since 2015.  

Finally - Jake Owen met his girlfriend when she was working at Nashville’s Restoration Hardware. He liked her beauty and confidence but it took him a few weeks to finally ask her out. Their daughter Paris is due soon.