Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Blake Shelton will hit the road next year & Halloween is not Luke Combs favorite holiday

Blake Shelton will hit the road next year on his Friends & Heroes Tour with openers Lauren Alaina, Trace Adkins, John Anderson and The Bellamy Brothers. It kicks off February 14 in Oklahoma City.  

Halloween is not Luke Combs favorite holiday. He says, “when you’re a 3X there’s not a lot of cool costumes that come in your size and I’m just mad I’ve eaten too many hamburgers.” Dierks Bentley says growing up Halloween meant illegal fireworks. He and a friend would blow off M-80s in people’s mailboxes.  

When Eric Church was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame a few years ago he was running late so he sent his mom and sister ahead. When he got there, the theater was locked so Eric scaled a wall to get to a second story window then thru two backstage doors to surprise the crowd as his mom was delivering the closing remarks to his speech.  

Finally - Maren Morris reveals the struggles in her career have been due to her insecurities. She says “my biggest struggle is remaining myself & not letting people’s ideas about me change that.”

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Luke Bryan will guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan today & willie nelson's on Jimmy kimmel live

Luke Bryan will guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan today along with fellow American Idol judges Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. As for his strangest fan moment ever, Luke was coming home from dinner one night with his wife and they found someone going through their garbage.  

Garth reveals what keeps it fresh for him after 33 years in the business he still feels like the guy just starting out, even if it’s a big show like Notre Dame last weekend in front of 84,000.  

Keith Urban’s first job was intern at a radio station in Australia. It was short lived tho because right after he put a song on, he couldn't hear it so he flipped a button and the next thing he knew some guy came running in, screaming at him. There was a serious news report being read on the other station and Keith’s tune was playing over it. He was fired right then!  

Blake Shelton’s been teasing he’ll have a special announcement tonight at 7:30 CT on his Facebook page.  

Finally - Willie Nelson performs tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Monday, October 29, 2018

jon pardi gets quite a gift from luke bryan & carrie underwood moves

This weekend Jon Pardi did one of his favorite things, bulldozed several trees on his property. Jon got the used Cat bulldozer as an end of tour gift from Luke Bryan after his What Makes You Country Tour was over.

Speaking of Luke, he just bumped Garth off the #1 spot on Forbes list of the top earning country stars. Luke made $52 million and Garth $45.5 million. Kenny Chesney’s #3, Zac Brown Band #4 and Blake Shelton was fifth. 

Dierks Bentley says when his kids are on the road they really have fun and love it but if given the chance, they’d rather watch Lego Man than see his show. Dierks says children have a way of keeping your ego where it should be. Dierks will kick off his Burning Man Tour January 17 in Hamilton, Ontario.  

Finally - Carrie Underwood and her family moved this weekend to their new home. Mike posted a photo of a moving truck backed into the driveway and it looks like the front yard doesn’t even have grass on it yet.

Friday, October 26, 2018

a Chris Stapleton fan gets scammed & Brett Eldredge’s Christmas album is out today

After a recent Chris Stapleton concert in Ohio, a fan went to what she thought was Chris’s Facebook page. A personal message was sent to her she thought was Chris so she told him she was sick and he offered to help pay medical bills only if she’d donate to his charity. She sent $500 worth of iTunes card numbers to the charity then soon realized this had been an imposter and she’d been scammed.  

Midland’s lead singer Mark Wystrach loves vintage clothes and among his favorites is a shirt with the word ‘Polska’ on it but he’s not even Polish. His dad bought it for him at a thrift store when he was 11 and got an extra-large so Mark could grow into it.  

Brett Eldredge’s 2016 Christmas album is out today, ‘Glow Delux’ with 5 new tunes and Brad Paisley sings on William Shatner's, ‘Shatner Claus - The Christmas Album.’ Brad will also perform the national anthem before Game 3 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium tonight on FOX.  

Finally - Keith Urban turns 51 today.