Tuesday, July 31, 2018

scary moment at the urban home and eric church fishes form his couch

I don’t know where Keith Urban was Sunday but his wife Nichole Kidman caught a giant black tarantula by their pool. Their daughters screamed as she scooped it up then later released it unharmed. Before heading to the pool tho the spider had been in their house.  

Brian from Florida Georgia Line is selling his 70-acre Nashville compound for $6.2 million. It has six buildings built to blend into the woods. He and his wife bought the place in 2013 and they were also married there. It includes two huge homes, a tree house recording studio that’s connected by a 30-foot sky bridge plus there’s also a party barn and a wooden saloon.  

Eric Church lives just outside Nashville on 2,000 acres guarded by security cameras. He’s currently building a few lakes on his property and one’s nearly done. The waterline will come up to his cabin so he can fulfill his dream of fishing while sitting on his couch.  

In high school Kimberly from Little Big Town won most talented and friendliest.  

Finally – Kenny Chesney performs on The Tonight Show and Dan + Shay sing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight.

Monday, July 30, 2018

did blake and gwen get married & dierks bentley on his painful accident in concert

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and her three boys spent time boating in Tishomingo, Oklahoma this weekend. Gwen also managed to spark rumors that they had secretly tied the knot when she posted a photo with the caption, ‘Got lucky #sisterinlaw’ but it was her brother’s wife in the picture and not Blake’s sister. An insider says Blake is very good with the boys and besides Oklahoma, Gwen and her family went to Antigua with Blake on vacation this summer.  

Dierks Bentley says years ago when he opened for Kenny Chesney, he wore boots he’d never worn before and when he took a leap from a riser he landed weird and said it felt like the world’s biggest rubber band had snapped inside his knee. The pain was intense and he found out later he’d torn his ACL so he had to have surgery a few days later.  

Lady A’s Charles Kelley’s 2-year-old Ward loves life on the road. During sound check he plays his ukulele and dances around but Ward rarely gets to see a show because he goes to bed at 7:30.  

Finally - Cam’s on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight with the band Train and tomorrow Kenny Chesney is on Good Morning America.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Kenny Chesney's 'Song for the Saints’ is out & Dolly Parton will be in a sequel to her comedy ‘9 to 5.’

Kenny Chesney was in Nashville last year when 17 people took shelter in his Virgin Island home as Hurricane Irma battered the island. That’s when he started writing songs of hope to help him to cope. That record, ‘Songs for the Saints’ is out today with Jimmy Buffett and Ziggy Marley. All proceeds go to Kenny’s foundation that funds projects post-Hurricane Irma. Kenny flew the 17 people who sheltered in his St. John home to Nashville. They camped out in his kitchen and home theater while he recorded this new album. Kenny also provided musical instruments to the kids on the island and promised if they learned to play, he’d fly them to a concert. A month ago, he flew 24 kids and their instructors to a show. Today at 1pm CT Kenny will live chat @amazonmusic.  

Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda will reunite in a sequel to their 1980 comedy, ‘9 to 5.’ Dolly said, “we’ve talked about doing this for years now and agree we’d love to if it’s right. Now we’re trying to get the script.” No word yet when production will begin though.  

Keith Urban’s ‘Graffiti U’ is out today on vinyl, along with two of his other previous records.  

Finally - Monday, Luke Combs will perform on Good Morning America.