Friday, March 30, 2018

Maren Morris reveals wedding blunder & Kenny Chesney’ won’t eat carbs after 5 PM

Maren Morris revealed at her wedding last weekend the person who married them was her best friend. Near the end of the ceremony instead of saying ‘in sickness and in health’ she accidentally said, ‘in thickness and in health.’ Maren said the entire crowd lost it.

One of Miranda Lambert’s homes is in Austin, Texas and she says it’s her place to decompress from a busy life. She bought the house as a Christmas gift to herself 2-years ago because her brother lives there and Miranda likes that Austin’s so creative.

Kenny Chesney’s getting ready for a big stadium tour and he won’t eat carbs after 5 PM. His trainer also has him doing an intense workout for an hour a day. Kenny says, “to run around then on top of that, sing, you've got to be in pretty good shape. It takes a lot of work to get into show jeans.”

Thomas Rhett turns 28 today.

Finally - Jason Aldean and Kelsea Ballerini play the March Madness free block party today in San Antonio.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Bachelor Brett Eldredge is ready for love & Carrie Underwood’s comic book have been updated

Kane Brown was 13 and the new kid at school when he met the 12-year-old girl sitting next to him in class, Lauren Alaina. One day she heard him hum and made Kane sing for the music teacher but it took nearly a year to convince him to sing for their class. When they graduated, they went their separate ways and met up again at a music industry barbecue in Nashville. They exchanged telephone numbers, had lunch together for the first time in years and talked about songwriting. Their #1 duet, ‘What Ifs’ and has over 103 million views on YouTube.  

Bachelor Brett Eldredge says he’s ready to find love and is looking for a soul deep kind of person, with an amazing heart that he could really get to know and take it slowly, he says like a long car ride, taking his time.  

Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw’s comic books published by TidalWave have been updated. In Carrie’s we’ll learn what happens when a small-town girl will stop at nothing to follow her dreams and in Tim’s they tell the story how he rose from humble beginnings to win his place as quote, “the slickest voice in the world.”  

Finally - Blake Shelton’s favorite part of a show is when the lights go up so he can see the fans.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

blake sheltoin has his own spring break & Cam and Smokey Robinson’s CMT Crossroads debuts tonight

Blake Shelton just had Gwen Stefani and her three boys ages 11, 9 and 4 to his Oklahoma ranch for spring break. They especially enjoyed jumping off tall rocks into the water and floating along with the stream. They also buried themselves in the sand and rode ATVs that Blake had bought for them. Gwen says, “being a mother of three boys, it’s kind of the perfect place for them as they love to get muddy and dirty.”  

Cam and Smokey Robinson’s CMT Crossroads debuts tonight. Cam grew up listening to Motown and said she was pinching herself when she found out she and Smokey would sing together. He gave her some good career advice on the show, to be sure she kept her head on straight.  

As for songwriting, Thomas Rhett says it’s a lot like fishing. A lot of times you come back with nothing, but every now and then you get a big one.  

Finally - Jon Pardi says his most faithful road companion is his dog; a red and white heeler mix named Cowboy.