Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Keith Urban and family spend Christmas in Sydney Australia & is Blake Shelton retiring soon

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and their daughters spent Christmas in Sydney Australia. They were seen at the beach watching Sunday, 9 and Faith, 6, take surfing lessons at a surf school. Keith walked with his daughters along the water's edge, as they dragged their surfboards thru the sand. He also patted Faith on her head, after she had successfully conquered a wave.  

Blake Shelton gave Gwen’s sons a kid-sized camo-print John Deere Gator for Christmas. They also spent some time in the Oklahoma woods and toasted marshmallows on a fire they helped make by Blake’s private lake. Yesterday Blake tweeted about his friend retiring NFL coach Bruce Arians writing “enjoy your retirement!!! I’ll be joining you REAL soon brother!”  

Garth says in 2018 all of his music could be available on YouTube. He also may have a live album out and says there will be some major decisions made. He’s even hinting about playing some stadiums this year. As for some time off now Garth says, “I’m not going to feel guilty about sleeping the whole time.”  

Finally – Thomas Rhett, his wife Lauren and some of his crew spent New Year’s skiing in Telluride, Colorado. It was a no kids get-away.