Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dierks Bentley visited the urologist the other day & LANCO perform on the Today Show tomorrow morning

Because Dierks Bentley hopes three kids is all they’ll have, he went for a consultation with a urologist to see what the surgery process would be. As he waited, he heard giggles outside the door and found out he’d caused quite a frenzy in the office with the young female staffers. Dierks found out there’s a doctor in Nashville who actually did the procedure on himself and he’s had songwriting friends getting prepped for the surgery and the guy prepping tried to pitch them a song. Dierks has now come up with his own solution and says, “I’m gonna play hockey without a cup and take care of the problem by myself.”  

Maren Morris has some great tips for writers and singers who want a career in music saying, “be patient, lose your ego, be friendly, learn from the best and just wait.”  

Thomas Rhett would tell his younger self to worry less and he says, “as an artist it’s easy to think every little moment will be your downfall, whether it’s the wrong tune, or a song that didn’t go Top 10. I now enjoy the good things when they happen and I’m not always worrying about what’s to come.”  

Finally - LANCO perform on the Today Show tomorrow morning.