Thursday, December 21, 2017

Michael Ray is arrested & Garth's $60 million lands him at #11 on Forbes's 2017 list

Newcomer Michael Ray was arrested in his hometown of Eustis, FL yesterday on a DUI and possession of cannabis oil. He crashed into a car in front of him at a McDonald’s drive-thru and told police his foot slipped off the pedal but he had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Michael was taken to jail on a $6,000 bond after he failed sobriety tests and would not take a breathalyzer. In a statement out yesterday he said, “I’m so very sorry for the disappointment these events have caused. I know it will take time; but I will do everything I can to rebuild your trust.”  

Garth made $60 million this year tying with Elton John for #11 on Forbes's Highest Paid Musicians of 2017. #18 Kenny Chesney made $42.4 million and Luke Bryan's 42 million got him in a tie with Celine Dion and Jay-Z for 19th.  

Jason Aldean loves to go to the mall at Christmas during the day when everybody’s at work so he can get his shopping done. Jason says, “then I like to go at night just to watch everybody act crazy and get freaked out.”  

Finally - Thomas Rhett and Lauren are getting ready to move into their new home soon and it will include a mahogany kitchen table Thomas’s granddad made for them a few Christmas’s ago.