Thursday, December 14, 2017

luke bryan has a mole problem and blake sheoton owns an African wildebeest

Luke Bryan says someone was leaking private details about his business affairs to the press. It was when he was negotiating with American Idol to be a judge and an internal mole kept leaking out info of phone calls he made to producers. Luke says he still doesn’t know who the mole is tho.

So that Gwen Stefani would feel at home in Oklahoma, Blake Shelton went thru her kitchen and secretly took photos of her appliances then ordered the same for his kitchen in Oklahoma. Gwen also doesn’t like dirt so Blake put a concrete slab outside his door so she wouldn't have to walk in any dirt. Gwen also revealed Blake has a pet African wildebeest.

The other day Garth surprised a fan in Goodlettsville, TN that had a sign in his yard saying he’d work for tickets. Garth showed up at his door with six tickets to Saturday’s show.

Finally - Keith Urban says having a home recording studio means he’s always on time for dinner.