Monday, November 20, 2017

blake shelton remembers good friend mel tillis and keith urban gets waffle house award

Mel Tillis died Sunday at 85. Blake Shelton tweeted, “some of my most cherished memories are times I spent with Mel. From fishing, to having a beer, to him crashing my concert! We once spent an entire day at his place showing me all the memorabilia he’d gathered over the years where he gave me a pair of his stage boots. He even took time to talk me thru hard times in my life. What a truly devastating loss. I loved Mel. I will miss him terribly.” Mel stuttered his whole life but it disappeared when he sang. When he was in the Air Force as a flight leader, he once marched airmen right into a wall because he couldn’t get out the word ‘halt.’  

Not only did Keith Urban win three American Music Awards last night, ‘Blue Ain't Your Color’ was the #1 song in 2017 played at 1,850 Waffle House restaurants across 25 states.  

Sugarland’s Jennifer and Kristian have already been in the studio recording new music they say we’ll get in a few weeks.   

Garth is on the Ellen Show today.

Finally - Jon Pardi will tour with Miranda Lambert next year and because of cryptic comments he made in a recent interview it sounds like he and Miranda have recorded a tune together.