Monday, October 16, 2017

This weekend Thomas Rhett got a “dad lesson” and Miranda Lambert‏'s oficially a canner

This weekend Thomas Rhett got a “dad lesson” from his bandmate Josh who showed Thomas how to make his 9-week-old daughter Ada James burp after getting fed by holding her away from him and swaying her from side to side. is asking us to vote right now on who has the sexiest celebrity hair and Thomas is one of four guys up for that. 

Miranda Lambert‏ got a little maternal this weekend at her Flyin' Pistols Ranch. It was her first try at becoming a canner and she made sweet and hot pickles & peppers called ‘Fire Kisses.’ 

This weekend a fan of Brett Eldredge got out of a speeding ticket because the cop agreed with her that sometimes you can just get lost in Brett’s voice. 

Tonight on The Voice, Blake Shelton’s pals Rascal Flatts are his team mentors. They’ve been friends ever since they toured together years ago. 

Finally – Dolly’s new kid’s album, ‘I Believe in You’ is out so she’ll talk about it on The View today. All proceeds from the record go to her non-profit, ‘Imagination Library.’