Thursday, September 28, 2017

Luke Bryan kicks off his Farm Tour tonight and book one in Garth’s 5-part autobiography is out November 14.

Luke Bryan kicks off his Farm Tour tonight in Lincoln, NE and he also recently went on a 2-mile bike ride with Lance Armstrong. I guess Luke’s really into cycling and said he even learned a few new biking tips. When Luke got a flat tire on their ride, Lance showed him how to patch it using a dollar bill. 

The first book in Garth’s 5-part autobiography, ‘The Anthology’ is out November 14. It’s a 240-page hardcover book that also has 150 never-before-seen photos and the companion CD has 52 songs. He’ll reveal more about it Monday on his Facebook page.

Karen from Little Big Town turns 48 today. Also today it’s a dream come true for Cole Swindell today as he performs on the Ellen Show.

Earlier this year Lady A shot the video for ‘Heart Break’ in Puerto Rico and since it was devastated by a hurricane, they donated $200,000 to relief efforts. The video debuts today.

Finally – Chris Young’s five-part weekly docu-series debuts on Cracker Barrel’s YouTube channel. October 20 Chris will release a deluxe version of ‘Losing Sleep,’ with a bonus track at Cracker Barrel stores and online.