Friday, September 1, 2017

Eric Church is releasing over 100 live recordings and Zac Brown narrates documentary tomorrow on NBC

Eric Church is releasing over 100 new live recordings from his acoustic Holdin’ My Own tour. Apple Music has the first 30 songs out today with the rest coming later this month on streaming platforms only. 

Zac Brown will narrate a one-hour documentary about the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. Arthur Blank. Zac’s from Atlanta and he and Arthur became friends through their charity work there. On a Mission: Atlanta Rising airs tomorrow afternoon on NBC. 

6’ foot 6’ Brett Young has a dog that fits in the palm of his hand. He bought the teacup Pomeranian for an ex-girlfriend and when they broke up, she moved into a place that didn’t allow pets so they’re sharing custody now. Brett says when he walks his dog, it looks like he’s walking a cotton ball on a string! 

Finally - Thomas Rhett wanted to see the birth of his daughter Ada. That shocked his wife who says “he’s so squeamish, he’ll tap out at the drop of a hat.” Thomas said, “when I saw Ada come into the world, it was the most miraculous thing I’ve ever seen.”