Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Eddie from Montgomery Gentry breaks his silence about Troy Gentry and Chris Janson performs on TV this morning

Eddie from Montgomery Gentry’s finally speaking about his partner Troy Gentry. Eddie wrote, “our world was turned upside down in an instant and nothing could have prepared us for this. I am so proud to call him my friend, my family and my brother for 30 years.” 

Kenny Chesney says the people living in the Virgin Islands are really bad off and getting supplies in has been hard to do. Kenny says, ”because it’s so hard to get anything in including the news media, people aren’t seeing how devastating these hurricanes have been.” Kenny has used his private jet to fly in food, water, medical supplies, generators, tools, clothes, tarps and camping equipment. He’s also taken many people and their pets off the islands to safety. 

Many fans think Blake Shelton’s new song, ‘I’ll Name the Dogs’ was written about Miranda Lambert. They didn’t have any kids, but they had a lot of pets when they divorced and she kept her horses, including one Blake bought her while he kept his own. She also kept most of the dogs that belonged to her too. 

Finally - Chris Janson performs on Live with Kelly and Ryan today.