Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Carrie Underwood gets sued and Kenny Chesney is making medical airdrops to St. John

Carrie Underwood and her ‘Something In The Water’ co-writers are being sued over their #1 tune. Canadian songwriters, Ron McNeill and Georgia Lyons say in 2014 they pitched Carrie’s producer a song with the same title and very similar lyrics and hook. 

Kenny Chesney and his team have been getting supplies to the hurricane damaged island of St. John on a daily basis. Their airdrops include medical supplies and he seems to be doing more than even their government is. People there say Kenny is keeping them alive and most of his efforts have been kept under the radar. 

Little Big Town and Midland perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight. Speaking of Midland, before they were famous, lead singer Mark Wystrach was a Calvin Klein model, Cameron Duddy’s a music video director for acts like Bruno Mars and Jess Carson was known for the made vintage clothing he made and sold. 

Finally - Brett Eldredge has been opening for Luke Bryan and because touring can be stressful, before taking the stage, Brett does meditation. He calls it time for himself and he has a special place on the bus where he takes time alone to meditate.