Friday, August 11, 2017

Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren is several days overdue and Luke Bryan‏ fans missed out last night

Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren is several days overdue so yesterday she updated fans. The doctor says the baby doesn’t really want to be born yet so Lauren’s been bouncing on a birth ball trying to coax her daughter out. 

Luke Bryan‏ fans who don’t have his app missed out last night as he live streamed part of his show on it. You can get the free app at 

Billy Currington loves to surf and one of his first times out he had an encounter with a shark in Hawaii. He decided to do a late night surf not knowing that’s when sharks feed and he ran right over the top of one. Then the shark followed him around for a while. 

Tonight Jason Aldean returns to his hometown of Macon, GA for his second charity Concert For The Kids for the children's hospital there.  

Shania’s been announced as the half-time performer at the Grey Cup Nov. 26 in Ottawa.

Finally – Nashville resident Kid Rock just signed a country music record deal. He's not leaving rock and says he’ll be reaching out to both markets.