Tuesday, August 29, 2017

luke bryan's semi in accident and miranda lambert helps animals caught in hurricane harvey

A semi carrying tour equipment for Luke Bryan was crushed like an accordion after hitting an overpass yesterday morning. It got wedged under the overpass cause the clearance was too low as it’s illegal to drive a commercial vehicle on that parkway without a permit. Police are investigating to see if Luke’s semi had the proper papers. 

Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Foundation is headed to her home state of Texas to help animals caught in Hurricane Harvey. They’re bringing trailers full of pet supplies and food but no word yet if Miranda will be along. You can donate to support them at muttnationfoundation.com. 

Dustin Lynch grew up on a farm and one time he was closing a gate when a cow ran toward him and knocked him down hard. Dustin told me he didn’t try to get out of the way cause he heard a cow would stop if he held his ground but he learned that’s not always the case. 

Finally - Jason Aldean says his pre-show ritual includes an acoustic VIP show for a few fans then he does his meet and greet and right before a concert, he’ll hang with his band and wife and listen to music.