Thursday, August 10, 2017

Luke Bryan reveals why fishing is so important and keith urban's glad he still has all his fingers

Luke Bryan is father to Bo and Tate and nephew Til, whose parents both died He takes them fishing a lot cause that’s what his dad did and says, “when you’re in a fishing boat with your child for five hours, you just can’t replicate that. It’s time well-spent. With young children, there are a 100 moments a day when you wanna just slow it down and seize the moment.” 

Keith Urban can’t read music and because of that he failed music in school. Keith says he also failed woodworking but he was OK with that because he still has all his fingers. 

Faith Hill’s first public performance was at a 4-H luncheon at 7-years-old. She also sang at churches and for prisoners in the county jail. Before she got a record deal tho, Faith worked at McDonald's cooking burgers and working the cash register but she says it wasn’t her thing. 

Before Justin Moore moved to Nashville, his worst job was selling meat from the back of his pickup. Justin said, “I’m not proud but I had bills to pay. I wouldn’t even feed it to my dog.” 

Finally - CMT Remembers Glen Campbell airs today and will re-air Friday and Saturday with tributes from Blake Shelton and Keith Urban plus rare photos, interviews and performances.