Thursday, August 17, 2017

Luke Bryan gets out of a speeding ticket and Shania will hit the road in 2018

Luke Bryan was fishing in Wyoming with his sons a few weeks ago but in the middle of their trip he had to do a gig 3 hours away. He and his bus driver rented a car instead of using the bus. They were going 80 plus MPH and got pulled over. For some reason the officer came to the passenger side where Luke was and once he realized it was Luke, they didn’t get a ticket. 

Speaking of Luke, next time you’re at his show and before you go in, you may see a guy riding a bicycle with spandex shorts and a Cabela’s plaid top. That’s Luke. He says he gets heckled a lot for the outfit but fans have no idea who they’re even heckling. 

Shania will hit the road in 2018 and her tour kicks off May 3 in Tacoma, WA and runs through September 4 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Vegas. Tickets go on sale August 25. 

Thomas Rhett‏ tweeted, “I just realized Blake Shelton's hometown may or may not have inspired our daughter’s name.” He’s from Ada, Oklahoma and that’s the name of their new daughter. 

Finally - tonight Little Big Town perform on Late Night with Seth Myers.