Thursday, August 24, 2017

garth delays shania tour ticket sales and chris young has new album coming out

Shania’s tour dates go on sale tomorrow except for the one in Nashville July 21. They won’t go on sale until December because of a clause in Garth’s contract where other country acts can’t go on sale before he does. Garth has no concerts booked in Nashville yet but it looks like he probably will as he’s always said that’s where he’ll end his world tour. 

Maren Morris is from Texas and her first gig was at 14-years old playing a club in Fort Worth. There were only two people there; the bartender and her dad and the club manager was so mad he refused to pay her.

Chris Young has a new album out October 20, ‘Losing Sleep.’ I also found out Chris has OCD and he told me if he locks a door, he’ll go back three times to make sure it’s still locked. 

Josh Turner told me when he leaves a restaurant he has to find a toothpick and if he can’t find one he’ll use forks, credit cards or a folded piece of paper. 

Finally – tomorrow Jason Aldean performs on the Today Show and Joe Nichols is on Fox & Friends.