Tuesday, August 22, 2017

FGL House's eclipse party and the lifestyle TV show Faith Hill's producing is here

FGL House in Nashville hosted an eclipse party yesterday where people got in free to the rooftop bar. No word if Tyler or Brian were there but I hear one couple got engaged during the big event. Dierks Bentley saw the eclipse in his private plane, he says flying the path of totality at 41,000 feet. 

Thomas Rhett says his daughters names came from their families. Willa’s from his mom’s dad Willard and it means innately brave. Gray’s short for Lauren’s brother Grayson. With their new daughter, Ada James, Ada was a name Lauren kept hearing in a dream that she really liked and James comes from his uncle. 

The new daytime lifestyle TV show Faith Hill is producing has its first rehearsal with an audience tomorrow in Nashville. It’s called Pickler & Ben with Kellie Pickler and TV personality Ben Aaron. Celebrity guests and cooking will be part of the show but we still don’t know what network’s picked it up or if it’ll have a fall airdate. 

Finally - Dustin Lynch moved to Nashville in 03, right out of high school. He didn’t know anyone and his big break finally came from posting his music on social media. Next on Dustin’s list to try is acting and he says Tim McGraw’s success in that arena has set the bar high.