Monday, August 21, 2017

Blake Shelton's ole red opens september 7 and Hillary from Lady A is having twins

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were at his ranch in Tishomingo, OK this weekend. Blake says his new restaurant/entertainment venue there, Ole Red is almost done and the soft open will be September 7. 

Last week Hillary from Lady A revealed she’s having a baby in February. Friday she announced it’s twins. She calls these babies a miracle because last year she had a miscarriage and wasn’t sure she’d ever get pregnant again. She nor her husband Chris have a family history of twins either and she tells others experiencing infertility to not lose hope! 

Miranda Lambert told me traveling can be hard for her because she gets motion sickness very easily and while her bus is moving all she can do is look out the front window the entire time. 

Thomas Rhett says besides music, golf’s become a new passion. He’s only been playing for a few years and says it’s become a great getaway for him. He even buys his golf clubs on-line. 

Finally - when Kelsea Ballerini gets married at years end the reception will have karaoke but since there will be so many good singers at her wedding only bad karaoke will be allowed.