Monday, July 24, 2017

Luke Bryan’s fan breaks cardinal rule and justin moore's daughter gives him make-over

At Luke Bryan’s concert Friday in Kansas City, Missouri, 88-year old Frances Stanaway got to meet him as she’s battling a terminal illness. Luke has a strict rule that one can touch his bottom at meet and greets but Frances was in a wheelchair and couldn’t resist putting her hands there as they posed for a photo. 

Justin Moore‏ got a makeover yesterday from his 5-year old girl Kennedy. He said it’s what you do when you have daughters.

This weekend Blake Shelton’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani was spotted on Snapchat wearing two rings on her left hand ring finger but there’s been no response from either camp. 

Jason Aldean told me his garbage is always full of Coke cans. He says “I’m a soft drink addict. I used to work for Pepsi, so that got me hooked but now, more than not, I drink Coke.” 

Finally - Kimberly from Little Big Town is on HSN three times today to showcase her kitchen line that includes dishes and cookbooks.