Monday, July 3, 2017

Luke Bryan gets new puppy and Garth sells over 73,000 tickets in just 67 minutes

Luke Bryan just got a chocolate lab puppy they named ‘Choc.’ His wife Caroline remains the only full-time female in the house. I’m pretty sure Choc will go hunting too as Luke spends a lot of time doing that. 

On Friday, Garth sold over 73,000 tickets in just 67 minutes for his concert at Atlanta’s new Mercedes-Benz Stadium. He and Trisha will be the first acts to ever play there October 12. As for the kid’s football camps Garth has in every community he plays, he says it’s meant to teach them about sports, life and friendship. 

Lady Antebellum took that hiatus last year to have what Charles Kelley calls “an artistic reset.” The band had been going hard for 10 years and they felt like they needed to go live life so they had something to write about. They also got to do personal projects they’ve always wanted to. 

Finally - Shania reveals the end of her 14-year marriage taught her to enjoy living in the moment rather than the future. Shania’s singing voice was changed forever due to Lyme disease but thanks to lengthy warmups and physical therapy, she did find a way to sing again.