Thursday, July 20, 2017

Keith Urban is back in the studio and Tim McGraw was just seen at Parnassus Books

Keith Urban is back in the studio working on new music. He’s also doing something fun this fall; a guest spot on the new show The Best Cover Ever. Hosted by rapper Ludacris, singers upload their version of a big hit and the winner will get to duet with that artist on YouTube. To earn a place on stage next to Keith, you’ll need to cover his hit, ‘Somewhere in My Car.’ For more info, head to 

If you wanna run into Tim McGraw next time you’re in Nashville, a good bet is Parnassus Books. He was just seen there with his youngest Audrey. 

Justin Moore told me his OCD is so bad it affects every part of his life. He goes crazy when people drive slow in the fast lane. His wife calls him a freak because they’ll go to bed and he’ll get up to make sure the oven’s really off. Justin can also be standing in a room with the lights off and he’ll touch the switch to make sure it’s down even though its pitch black. 

Finally - Dustin Lynch says his new clothing line is like songwriting because in both things he’s dreaming up something. It mostly includes ball caps and t-shirts and you can buy them at