Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dierks Bentley has an odd pre-show ritual and Maren Morris gets a phone call from Elton John

Dierks Bentley’s been touring for 12 years and because he has a pilot’s license now, he fly’s the band to as many shows as possible. That also helps him see his family more because he comes home right after the concert. Dierks new pre-show ritual is sitting in a large plastic garbage can full of ice water. He says the cold water super-charges him like an energy drink would. Right after the ice bath, Dierks gets in his traveling sauna to warm up. 

The other day Maren Morris got a phone call from London and it was Elton John. I guess he tried three times to get a hold of her to say he was a huge fan and he owns her album ‘Hero,’ on vinyl. 

Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren is due August 8 and he says they’re getting spoiled with new toddler daughter, Willa Gray because she sleeps 12 hours a night and Thomas knows that won’t be happening when the new baby comes. 

Lauren Alaina will have a mini-concert on Fox & Friends tomorrow morning, right before she joins Luke Bryan’s tour. 

Finally - Josh Turner told me the only way he’ll eat salad is if it has lots of blue cheese dressing.