Monday, June 19, 2017

Blake Shelton spends birthday on the lake and Shania’s exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame opens June 30

For Blake Shelton 41st birthday this weekend, he and Gwen Stefani spent the afternoon boating on the lake. Blake captained the boat wearing his favorite Hawaiian shirt and Gwen had a cake made for him that looked just like an armadillo. 

When Brantley Gilbert toured with Tim McGraw a few years ago, he saw him working out for hours a day and says he used to have nightmares about Tim knocking on his bus door and telling him it was time to work out. 

Shania’s exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville will open June 30. When her album is out Sept. 29 there will be a 16-track deluxe edition. Shania says this record was almost produced by Prince who reached out to her but at that time she just wasn’t ready to record one. She now regrets not taking him up on his offer. 

Finally - I found out Miranda Lambert has a few quirks…she won’t swim in the ocean, snakes freak her out and even tho she wants to write a cookbook, Miranda admits she doesn’t know how to make gravy.