Tuesday, May 30, 2017

tim mcgraw knocks a fan over and thomas rhett asks jason aldean daddy advice

A fan at Tim and Faith’s show in Tacoma, WA Saturday was knocked down as he made his entrance into the Tacoma Dome. She stepped a little too far into his path and he accidentally knocked her over, sending her right to the ground. Thankfully she did not get hurt. 

Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Nation and ENGEL Coolers will create limited edition merchandise through DEEP Apparel to help save coral reefs around the world. The line will include t-shirts, baseball caps and more. 

New dad Thomas Rhett sent a text to Jason Aldean the other day asking how he leaves his kids to go on the road and not feel guilty. Jason said he still feels guilty but what helps is knowing he’s giving his child the best life possible. Thomas says that’s the best advice he’s gotten so far. 

Shay from Dan + Shay is addicted to Red Bull and it’s the first thing he drinks every morning. 

Finally - Sam Hunt has known his wife Hannah for almost a decade now. They first started dating in 2008 when they met in college when Sam was quarterback of the football team at The University of Alabama Birmingham.