Monday, May 1, 2017

Shania debuts her new single and tim mcgraw turns 50

Having country sing the national anthem at last night’s Predators game in Nashville once again proved to be a good thing. Little Big Town sang and the Preds won. They have a home game tomorrow but no word yet who’s singing the anthem. 

This weekend Shania debuted her new single, ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ at Stagecoach in front of 75,000. She and Kelsea Ballerini also teamed up on ‘Any Man of Mine.’ 

Sam Hunt says he's still that same guy who played quarterback and studied philosophy in college 10 years ago. The people who knew him then agree he’s still the same today. Sam says what helped is he was a little older when he started his music career. 

Happy 50th birthday to Tim McGraw today. 

Miranda Lambert says she’ll always have dogs because they love you unconditionally and they’re always happy to see you. 

Finally – after August 25, Billy Ray Cyrus is changing his name to, ‘Cyrus’ and says he’ll soon make it legal at the Kentucky hospital where he was born.