Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sam Hunt says writing's like playing football and Miranda Lambert rescues Thelma & Louise

Jason Aldean has a 9 and 14-year old and his wife Brittany’s having their 1st child together this year. He says, “it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby so I gotta relearn how to do all that stuff.” 

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw love being on tour right now but they still have a child at home so Faith’s going in a million directions and says, “that’s hard for me cause I like all my chickens in one basket.” 

Sam Hunt says writing songs are like playing football because both take hard work and discipline. He adds, “the motivational and leadership skills from quarterbacking a football team have paid off for me in music, big time!" 

Miranda Lambert’s newest dog rescues are Great Pyrenees sisters; Thelma & Louise and their job is to mostly stay outside and keep her horses and ponies safe. 

Finally - before he hits the stage so he can be off the bus for a while, you’ll find Cole Swindell at the gym or shooting hoops. Cole also likes to play golf before a show whenever he can.