Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Luke Bryan’s making a new record and miranda lambert admits to owning 18 animals

Luke Bryan’s ‘Kill the Lights’ is the only record in country music history to have six consecutive #1 hits and now he’s got five or six songs recorded for his new album. He says it’ll be done in the next few months so hopefully we’ll have it this year. Luke also has a big announcement coming soon. 

The 3-hour live remake of ‘Dirty Dancing’ tonight on ABC features Lady A covering the 1962 hit, ‘Hey! Baby.’ 

We finally know how many animals Miranda Lambert has…7 dogs and 4 of them are pretty big, she also has 4 cats and 7 horses but two are mini’s. 

When he stops touring, Dierks Bentley will retire somewhere out west and says, “I’ll be Wyoming, Montana or back in Arizona but that still won’t be for many years to come.” 

Finally - Blake Shelton says the best advice his mom ever gave him was, ‘don’t be afraid to follow your dreams.’ Growing up she drove him to talent contests and was always encouraging him.