Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jason Aldean’s wife is pregnant and Faith Hill was almost married to Mel Gibson

After 2-years of marriage, Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany is pregnant. She wrote, “this was the hardest secret we’ve ever had to keep.” Jason said, “we couldn’t be happier to add to our family. This year just gets better and better. #bunintheoven.” 

Brett Young got his first tattoo as a senior in high school; a crown of thorns around his upper left arm. The problem; that same year actress Pamela Anderson got a similar one so everyone on Brett’s baseball team called him Pam. He’s since tattooed over it. 

At one point growing up, Miranda Lambert’s family was homeless and had to live with her uncle. Her dad eventually was able to buy a farmhouse and the first thing Miranda did after becoming successful was buy a big farm in Oklahoma. 

I didn’t realize that Faith Hill was almost married to actor Mel Gibson. She got the part of Mel's wife in 'We Were Soldiers' but ended up giving it to Madeline Stowe. Faith’s biggest role came in 2004’s ‘The Stepford Wives.’ 

Finally – tonight on The Voice, Maren Morris performs, ‘I Could Use a Love Song.’