Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Carrie Underwood donates $200K and Jake Owen’s puppy Axel is naughty

Rumor has it Keith Urban’s buying Nicole Kidman her Hawaiian childhood beach home on Oahu. He supposedly made the owners an offer they couldn't refuse. A few years ago they bought two 21st floor apartments in Sydney, Australia and made them into one. Now they’re looking to buy the last apartment on that floor to the tune of nearly 9-million dollars. 

Jake Owen’s German shepherd puppy Axel’s in the chewing phase right now but his daughter Pearl’s not too happy he likes to chew on her hands. 

Carrie Underwood is donating $200,000 to girls’ sports projects and that’ll fund about 100 programs. Sports were a big part of Carrie’s life growing up. 

Brett Eldredge thinks social media gives him an outlet to show more than just his music and says, “it proves I’m a regular person that likes to goof off and have fun.” He says his craziest post was on last year’s Bahamas trip and finding a giant snake in his toilet. 

Finally - the other day Brantley Gilbert woke up to a donkey and some horses in his front yard and found out his neighbor lost part of a fence.