Thursday, April 6, 2017

Jason Aldean meets his wax likeness and Dustin lynch talks about kelly osborne

Thomas Rhett says his wife’s pregnancy cravings include anything sweet and when they were in Las Vegas, Lauren had a milkshake called ‘The Fat Boy.’ It’s chocolate ice cream, Oreo's, a Goo Goo cluster candy bar and a chocolate-covered pretzel smothered with whipped cream. 

Jason Aldean just got to meet his wax likeness that’ll be at the new Madame Tussauds in Nashville. Jason said it’s so realistic they even got his chest hair right. They took 300 measurements to make him and Madame Tussauds opens April 14. 

Dustin Lynch says the 1-year anniversary he celebrated with Kelly Osborne this week was a ‘friend-aversary.’ It’s a long lasting friendship between two people on the day they met. 

As a countdown to his April 21 album, ‘Love and War,’ Brad Paisley has released six videos, exclusively on his Facebook page. 

Finally, Taylor Swift’s working on a new album and I hear she’s not sure yet if it’ll be pop or country.