Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jake Owen has a girlfriend and sam hunt spotted in airport

Jake Owen was divorced in 2015 and now we hear he has a new girlfriend, Erica Hartlein. She’s an interior designer in Nashville who works for Restoration Hardware and I hear they may have met when Jake recently remodeled his home. Something else I found out about Jake is he now drinks cashew milk.

Newlywed Sam Hunt and his wife Hannah were spotted at the Atlanta airport earlier this week. They were headed out for their honeymoon but no word yet where they went.

Luke Bryan’s romantic ballad, ‘To The Moon and Back’ is being used at a lot of weddings this year. He says, “it’s a really manly, masculine way to tell your wife and people that you love them. It’s not your typical cheesy wedding song.”

Miranda Lambert will tape Austin City Limits today to air on PBS at a later date. Her favorite place to write is on the front porch. She says that’s where she comes up with her best songs.

Finally - Faith Hill’s beauty secrets at nearly 50-years-old is to make sure she uses lots of moisturizer and lip balm. Faith’s also really about sticking to a nightly cleansing routine.