Wednesday, April 26, 2017

faith hill's talk show is a go and miranda lambert's hotel check in name is revealed

The Nashville-based daytime talk show Faith Hill created is a go. She’ll serve as executive producer and it’ll be co-hosted by Kellie Pickler and New York City journalist Ben Aaron. The lifestyle show debuts September18 on Disney/ABC Home and has yet to be named. 

For the last 10-years Miranda Lambert’s had a hotel check in name but she recently had to change it cause people were figuring it out; it was Tara Dactyl. She often sleeps on her tour bus and says it takes a week once home to get used to a bed that doesn’t move. When she’s out to eat Miranda uses a tip app cause she’s bad at math. She always tips 30% and says if she doesn’t, people will talk about her. 

Shania Twain’s new single, ‘Life’s About to Get Good’ will be out in June and her first album in 15 years in September. She says the theme of the song is you just can’t have the good without the bad. 

Finally - Thomas Rhett dreams of playing 20,000-seat arenas and stadiums someday. He’d also love to be the first country artist with an Adidas sneaker deal.