Monday, April 10, 2017

blake shelton breaks ground and thomas rhett partners wuth jay z

Blake Shelton and Ryman Properties started construction Friday on Ole Red, an entertainment venue on Main Street in Blake’s hometown of Tishomingo, OK. It’ll open this fall and include a retail store plus a huge restaurant that also has a stage. The Nashville location will open in 2018. 

Thomas Rhett has launched Home Team Publishing for songwriters in Nashville. His partners include pop star Jay Z and his dad Rhett Akins

Tim and Faith kicked off their Soul2Soul tour Friday night to a sold-out crowd in New Orleans. The audience included Matthew McConaughey and Saints quarterback Drew Brees. 

Newcomer William Michael Morgan and singer/songwriter Jennifer Wayne have ended their engagement. William’s asking us to respect their privacy but Jennifer posted a pic on Instagram of her hand with no ring and the song lyrics; “if you're gonna love somebody you better love somebody who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara.” 

Finally – Jon Pardi’s opening for Dierks Bentley right now and says Dierks is a huge prankster.