Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thomas Rhett's picking out baby names and Billy Currington's new llifestyle brand

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are picking out baby names right now. They want them to include a family name but they’re mostly male so he says they’ll try to make it sound more girly. The adoption of their African baby, that I think is a girl is pretty much done, they just need to finalize some paperwork. Lauren’s due in August with a daughter, so Thomas says it’ll pretty much be like having twins. 

Billy Currington’s hit, ‘People Are Crazy’ will be the name of his upcoming lifestyle brand of clothing and other things. Billy currently has his own line of coconut water called Wett. 

As a child, Carrie Underwood had bad teeth and wore braces. She also had freckles she hated and her worst hair moment growing up was when she decided to put gel her just her bangs. She said it made them look crazy. 

Finally - Tim McGraw’s gained a lot of wisdom over the years and says, “you don’t learn as much about yourself when you’re moving forwards as when you’ve fallen backwards. That’s when you really find out who you are.”