Friday, March 24, 2017

thomas rhett makes it official and darius rucker rocks with john mellencamp

After filming the video for ‘Flatliner’ this week Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley flew home on Dierks plane. Cole says, “even tho I hate traffic, I’m still not interested in getting my pilot’s license but I can see how people get hooked on it.” 

Even tho they just had a gender reveal party, Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren made it official at a doctor visit yesterday; they’re 100 % having a girl in August. Right now her name is Baby Akins. I find it interesting Lauren calls him ‘Thomas Rhett’ almost like it’s one name. 

Josh Turner has a huge collection of vinyl records so May 12, his new album, ‘Deep South’ will be out on vinyl. Two of his treasures a Hank Williams record that's never been opened and a Johnny Cash album he bought at an antique store and found out when he got home, it was autographed. 

Newcomer RaeLynn’s debut album, ‘Wildhorse’ is out today. She will also realize a dream come true when she performs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today. 

Finally - Darius Rucker and John Mellencamp meet up on CMT Crossroads tonight.