Friday, March 10, 2017

Lady Antebellum may collaborate with Bell Biv Devoe and carrie underwood is 34 today

Lady Antebellum did a mash up this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Bell Biv Devoe and now we hear they might go into the studio together as ‘Lady AnteBell Biv Devoe.’ Insiders say they’re working on it and it’s absolutely going to happen. 

Dustin Lynch is opening for Florida Georgia Line and part of his daily routine when they get to a town they’re playing is to find a gym. To get a taste of the local culture, Dustin also likes to go out and about but he always takes his cowboy hat off so he can be invisible. 

Josh Turner has his first new album out in 5-years today; ‘Deep South.’ He took so long because he’s been home helping raise his four young sons. 

Keith Urban’s wife, Nicole Kidman is finally explaining why she clapped like a seal at this year’s Academy Awards. She was wearing a 14-carat diamond ring that wasn’t hers and she didn’t want to damage it. Nic said, “I was terrified to even move wearing it, let alone clap!” 

Finally – happy 34th birthday to Carrie Underwood today.