Thursday, March 23, 2017

Keith Urban has set the bar high for husbands and Brett Eldredge turns 31

Keith Urban has set the bar high for husbands after he told Harry Connick Jr yesterday when Nicole was pregnant and visiting family in Sydney, Australia, she needed an ultrasound so Keith took a flight in the middle of the night from Nashville, landed at 9 AM in Sydney, went to the ultrasound, they had lunch and he flew home. He was only there 5 hours. 

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill say they don’t really go to parties and they’re usually in bed by 9. 

Happy 31st birthday to Brett Eldredge. A few days ago Brett was in his hometown of Paris, IL, playing to 3,000 people in his old high school gym. The concert will air on CMT’s Hometown Heroes later this month. Brett also visited Laker Stadium, a baseball field where he helped put up the new scoreboard. After that his dad pitched him some balls and a couple times Brett almost hit it over the fence. 

Finally - Faith Hill’s 50 in September and says, “the secret is being confident with your age and with yourself. I’m OK with having lines. I want people to know I’ve smiled a lot.” Because Tim has such great skin she often uses him as a test subject when she wants to try a new moisturizer.