Monday, March 13, 2017

did sam hunt get married and carrie underwood gets a booty belt

On February 23, Sam Hunt said he was getting married “in a couple months” to fiancé Hannah Lee Fowler but this weekend a photo on Instagram showed him wearing a ring on ‘that’ finger causing the internet to explode. No one from his camp has confirmed a marriage yet tho. 

On Carrie Underwood’s birthday Friday, a friend made her a Walking Dead cake because she loves the show. Carrie also got Lucille, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, a birthday call from Loretta Lynn and one exercise thing she didn’t have, a Booty Belt. 

When Justin Moore recently moved into the house he’s been building for two years, he told his daughters they could get an outside dog. His wife likes Great Danes, so they found a pair of sibling puppies then realized they aren’t outside dogs and they both could reach 200 pounds. Justin says the pups have added to the chaos already in their lives with a new house, new tour and baby #4 due in June. 

Jason Aldean just got a French bulldog but forgot a puppies’ like having a kid again. 

Finally - tomorrow, Josh Turner performs on NBC’s Today show.