Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Eric Church goes after scalpers and Keith Urban's romantic birthday for Nicole

Eric Church cancelled over 25,000 tickets bought from scalpers and today fans can buy them back. To the scalpers Eric says, “you come at us, we’re gonna go after you. We see you, we know who you are and we’re coming for you with 10x the vengeance.” 

Carrie Underwood reveals she sometimes puts make-up on her husband Mike if he gets beat up playing hockey and they have to do an award show red carpet. Carrie also says so no one would bother her as she did last minute Christmas shopping, she wore a wig to the mall. 

Keith Urban’s most romantic birthday present for his wife happened when she turned 40. He drove her to the top of a hill and paid a small fortune to have someone put on a huge firework display. 

If you want to see Tucker Beathard next time you’re in Nashville, he often eats at San Antonio Taco Shop. He also says the best burgers on the planet are at The Pharmacy. 

Finally - Granger Smith grew up in Texas and only pursued music as a hobby at 14 after teaching himself to play guitar.