Thursday, October 27, 2016

We thought Luke Bryan broke his clavicle riding a bicycle not long ago, he actually fell off his motorcycle. He only wore a sling for three days tho not 3 weeks like his doctor ordered because he just couldn’t move on stage like he wanted to. 

Carrie Underwood says her splurge this tour’s been having a trainer along and a mobile gym too. Even tho she’s strict with what she eats she admits to an occasional cheat day where she’ll have nachos and pizza. 

As for a new album, Sam Hunt says, “I don’t want to rush it and there are unspoken rules in the music biz I’ve thrown out the window. I’ll put new music out when I’m ready.” He plans to write every tune this time and says he wants to be even more honest than he was on his first record. 

William Michael Morgan’s the latest country star dealing with Facebook imposters and he tells them to “get a life!” He reminds fans real pages have a blue verification check by the stars name. 

Finally - when he was growing up, Jake Owen liked to hit golf balls in the rain so if he were ever in a golf tournament and it started raining, he could beat everyone.