Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Carrie Underwood will world premiere a clip of her video for ‘Dirty Laundry’ today on Entertainment Tonight. After that you can see the full video at 

Tyler Farr got married Monday and even tho his fiancés wanted him to write a song for their wedding, Tyler says he just couldn’t come up with one, so he asked his buddy Brad Paisley to perform his new single, ‘Today’ for their 1st dance and it was a complete surprise to her. 

Jake Owen found out the hard way that his vintage Volkswagen van doesn’t have a 20 gallon tank like he thought, it’s only 10 gallons, so he ran out of gas. Turns out the gauge is also broken so running out of gas is not that uncommon for him. 

The secret’s been revealed as to where Garth Brooks gets all his energy and it’s not coffee, he never drinks that. He uses a coffee mug, but his has Dr. Pepper in it. He even puts Dr. Pepper on Fruit Loops instead of milk. 

Finally - Tim McGraw says Faith Hill taught him to put Milk Duds on his popcorn. If they go to a movie, Faith can’t watch it unless she has a Coke and Milk Duds on her popcorn.