Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Brett Eldredge Single Again + Carrie Underwood Builds Road Gym


Brett Eldredge is single again and taking his time to get in a new relationship. When he meets a grandma fan, the first thing she says is, ‘you need to meet my granddaughter!’ Brett says mom’s also want him to meet their daughter. 

For the most part, Carrie Underwood’s son Isaiah will be on tour with her this year. She just had a mobile gym made so she can work out anywhere and Carrie says her motto this year is, ‘Shredded by Summer.’ Of all people isn’t she already shredded? 

Brad Paisley and his wife finally have made a truce; they don’t make their bed anymore because they used to argue about who should do it, so they leave it messy now and are a lot happier. 

Jason Aldean loves touring this time of year because the weather keeps people inside a lot and due to that, Jason says the crowds are rowdier and that makes it more fun for him. 

Finally - among the county stars Cam admires most are Eric Church and Zac Brown because she says they’ve successfully built a family around everything they do.