Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blake & Gwen Hit Dollar General + Jana Kramer Just Bought Legos


Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were seen days ago at Dollar General where he lives in Tishomingo, OK. Gwen took a selfie of her and Blake with a fans phone and I realized the influence he’s having on her cause she’s always wearing some kind of camo now. 

Jana Kramer’s daughter will be here any day now. She says her final days of her pregnancy are creeping by just like everyone warned her. Jana’s tried everything to start labor from eating spicy foods to working out but nothing’s helping so far. To pass the time, she gets leg massages and plays with Legos. 

Thomas Rhett and his dad both have the same legal name; Thomas Rhett Akins. His dad’s Rhett Akins and since the day Thomas was born, he was Thomas Rhett. He says it’s really helped him tho be his own artist and separate himself from his dad’s career. 

Finally - Tim McGraw will have a concert honoring this year’s Pro Football Hall of Famers in August and tickets go on sale today. Tim says, “football teaches us about life, commitment, courage and integrity.”