Wednesday, January 6, 2016

American Idol Kicks Off Tonight With Mr. Urban + Blake Shelton Records a New Tune


Tonight American Idol returns for the last season. Keith Urban’s back as a judge so is Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez. Carrie Underwood’s sad to see it go and says it's kinda bittersweet because that's why she’s even here and she feels so proud for having been part of it. Ryan Seacrest thinks Carrie’s the biggest star to ever come out of the show. 

Blake Shelton just recorded, ‘Friends’ for the upcoming ‘Angry Birds’ movie. That’s the big screen film where he’s the voice of Earl, the cowboy pig. That 3D comedy opens May 20. 

Thomas Rhett is quite a dancer on-stage but he’s now given up hip shaking and the pelvic thrust. He’s not saying why but do you think his wife had something to do with it? 

Tim McGraw says if there was a film about his life, the actor he’d pick to play him is George Clooney, but Tim jokes, “he’s too old and I don’t think he’s good lookin’ enough either.” 

Finally - tonight, Sam Hunt performs on Late Night with Seth Meyers.