Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Miranda Lambert Says Don't Pick Sides + Jason Aldean's in the Studio


Miranda Lambert holds no grudge against Blake Shelton saying, “we are real people with real lives and this is what it is now and we’re moving forward. We don’t need all the opinions. We just need y’all to be supportive and nobody picking sides.” 

Jason Aldean’s in the studio right now and he hopes a new single will be out next spring and the album next summer. 

Chris Young’s ‘I’m Comin’ Over’ is #1 for the third week in a row and today he’ll perform it on the Ellen DeGeneres show. 

If you want to see ‘Burning House' singer Cam next time you’re in town, head over at lunchtime to East Nashville’s Mas Tacos Por Favor. 

Finally - Carrie Underwood debuts her new video for ‘Heartbeat’ today at yahoo.com/music. I also found out why Carrie loves horror movies so much; she like things that “make you hold your breath.”